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Eastern Forest Nursery- Consultancy Services

Expert tree planting consultancy and project management services

EFN consulting service – for planning and implementing your revegetation project

  • site assessment – we are happy to conduct site visits and prepare comprehensive reports including planting lay-outs, threats to project, access, buffers, species lists, management issues and other information specific to each project
  • budgeting – we can prepare budgets for all activities involved in implementing your revegetation project
  • contracting and project management – we can recommend suitable contractors, arrange quotations and project manage for all aspects of project
  • species selection – we can assess native vegetation and recommend suitable species to suit the project goals
  • site preparation – we can advise on suitable site preparation techniques tailor made to achieve efficient weed control and ongoing management of the project
  • planting – we can advise on planting techniques, species layout, spacing and the best time to plant
  • maintenance – we can advise on maintenance requirements for weed control and pest management

We have 30 plus years of experience in establishing trees and other vegetation over a wide range of sites.  Please check on our Recent Projects for a brief summary of some of the work we have completed to date.