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Recent Projects

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Carbon Offset and Habitat Restoration
Bundaberg Qld  

Contract grow and plant 80,000 mixed native seedlings on ex-pastoral leases within nature reserve.

Biodiversity Project 
Northern NSW

Project Objective – to link and enhance remnant patches of native vegetation through weed control, natural regeneration and supplementary planting of corridors of native plants.
Prepare management plans and budgeting for project sites across Northern NSW

Site Preparation – Woody Weed control, spot spraying, slashing.

Supply Seedlings – Contract Growing 150,000 seedlings to suit sites from coastal flood plain, subtropical rainforest and eucalypt forests across Northern NSW.

Planting – Auger and spade planting of 150,000 seedlings at various sites.

Maintenance – Weed spraying around planted seedlings and ongoing control of woody weeds across all sites.

Koala Habitat and Carbon Offset Planting
Ipswich – Queensland

Contract Growing – 80,000 mixed native seedlings (30 species)
Planting – 80,000 native seedlings

Whole Farm – Cabinet Timber – Riparian Planting
Lismore NSW

Site Planning and establishment of Private Cabinet Timber Plantation and Riparian Planting

Management Plans – Prepare ‘whole farm’ management plans and species lists for Cabinet Timber Plantation and Environmental Sub Tropical – Riparian Planting

Site Preparation – Setting out, slashing and spot spraying planting zones

Supply Seedlings – Contract Growing 26,000 Cabinet and Rainforest Riparian Zone seedlings

Planting – Setting out and Planting 26,000 seedlings

Maintenance – Ongoing maintenance of individual seedlings, woody weed control throughout property, slashing of fire breaks and access tracks, form pruning of Cabinet Timber Seedlings.

Coal Mine – Bowman’s Creek Revegetation Project 
Singleton NSW

Contract Growing 200,000 mixed native species including Eucalypt woodland, Casuarina riparian and native grasses and groundcovers.

Site Preparation, planting and maintenance of 200 000 mixed native seedlings for flood plain E tereticornis woodland, river bank stabilisation and riparian planting, C cunninghamiana long stems and native grass planting along 1.5 km of re-aligned river bank.

Alstonville Bypass – Highway Upgrade – Landscaping
Alstonville NSW

Landscaping and Weed control over 6 km new road alignment
Install 33 000 m2 mulched garden beds
Contract Grow and plant 22 000 plants – tube stock up to 100 litre pots
Weed Control and maintenance of site

Contract Growing – Forestry Seedlings

2010 – Contract growing of 1.5 million Grevillia robusta seedlings
2010 – Contract growing of 1.1 million Casuarina glauca seedlings
2009 – Contract growing of 2 million Grevillia robusta seedlings

Whole Farm – Cabinet Timber Plantation Establishment, Bush Regeneration, Native Landscape Planting 
Federal NSW

Contract Grow 17,000 Cabinet Timber and Landscaping seedlings
Cabinet Timber Plantation – Site preparation, plant and establish 12,000 Cabinet Timber trees, ,
Land-care – Bush regeneration and rainforest planting of gullies and creek line
Decorative landscape planting – using Rainforest Species and Australian Native Plants.
Fencing – Design and construction of wallaby proof fencing

Wetland Planting 
Byron Bay

Coastal Development – environmental offset
Site preparation – mulched beds, Contract Grow and plant 3000 wetland seedlings, maintain site.

Whole Farm – Tree Planting Project
Private Property – Developer – Byron Bay NSW

Native Gardens – Design, supply and plant Native gardens and screens around future house site
Environmental Planting – Design and supply plants and complete environmental planting along gullies and install connecting wildlife corridors between native remnants
Screens – Design and supply plants for decorative screens and buffers along property boundaries
Cabinet Timber – Supply seedlings and plant two hectare Cabinet Timber Woodlot

Seaside City – Coastal Revegetation Project
Kingscliff NSW

Coastal Fore-dune and Cudgen Creek Revegetation Project
Site Preparation – spraying and mulching Bitu Bush and coastal weeds over 15 hectare site

Fencing – Construction of 3000 metres of wallaby and rabbit proof fencing
Supply Seedlings – Contract grow 70 000 heath-land and littoral rainforest seedlings.

Planting – Plant 70,000 seedlings

Watering – Install watering system

Maintenance – maintain seedlings throughout establishment

Seaside City – Street Scape Landscaping
Kingscliff NSW

Street Scape Landscaping – Contract Grow and plant 25,000 seedlings (tube stock to 45 litre bags) in mulched beds as per landscape design.
Install 300 metres slatted timber beach paths,
Install 2200 metres post and rail fencing
Maintenance of site


Contract Growing Native Seedlings – Shannon Creek Dam
Grafton NSW

Department of Commerce
Contract Growing of 8 000 native seedlings from seed collected locally at the site

Contract Growing and Planting Eucalypt Seedlings – Forestry Plantations  
Tabulam NSW

Contract Grow and plant 100 000 mixed eucalypt and silky oak seedlings

Pacific Highway Upgrade – Ewingsdale Interchange – Landscaping
Byron Bay, NSW

Site Preparation, Contract Grow seedlings, plant and maintain 44 000 mixed rainforest and roadside landscape seedlings

Contract Planting – Forestry Plantation
Albany WA

Contract Planting – 800 hectare (960,000 seedlings) Tasmanian Blue Gum Plantation